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October 23 2022
All You Should Know About Grommets and Washers

Grommets are everywhere around us. They are present in clothes, shoes, banners, bags, and many other products. Grommets are used in single applications and in a project that uses multiple grommets, from simple home items to complex industrial products.

August 15 2022
Safety Tips while using Fabric Cutting Machines

Fabric cutting machines are extensively used in the textile industry in the process of manufacturing and sewing clothes. There is a variety of cutting machines, and most of them are made safe for the users. However, workers working in the textile industry need to take care while using these machines to avoid injuries. 

June 14 2022
Hot Knives and Foam Cutters Buying Guide

When trying to choose hot knives and foam cutters, there is a lot you need to know and understand. First of all, what are these tools and when might you use them? If you do a lot of crafting or creating with foam, you know it can be a frustrating, messy process to get your cuts exactly right.

February 24 2022
Fasteners: Types, Uses and More

By: Grommets Depot

The garment industry is coming up with new ideas, and one major factor affecting the outfit is the fastener types. But do you know what clothing fasteners are? If not, this guide is for you!  

October 19 2021
Choose The Best Grommet As Per Your Project Needs

By: Grommets Depot

Have you noticed the little rings on the shoe holes or the rings on the curtains? Do you ever admire what these might be or what they are used for, except for giving a sturdy look to the material on which they are used?

June 27 2021
Get Precisions Cut for Your Detailed Designs with Swatch & Sample Cutters

By: Grommets Depot

If you are a pro sewer, you must be familiar with Swatch & Sample Cutters. But in case you are a beginner in the sewing industry and starting with your fabric designing business, having swatches is essential. It can help you and your clients in finding and picking out the right fabrics for a project. 

May 25 2021
Everything You Need to Know About The Fabric Cutting Machines

By: Grommets Depot

Earlier, people were using traditional cutting tools like scissors to cut the cloth material. With time, things have changed, and the demand for the modernized cutting machine has increased. But if we talk about Fabric cutting, this is completely different. And to cut fabric in different shapes and sizes, a machine having a sharp cutter blade is a must.

May 02 2021
Different Types of Scissors & Cutting Supplies – Your Ultimate Guide

By: Grommets Depot

Scissor is a basic tool used for cutting purpose. But do you know that different scissors can be confusing for beginners as the market is flooded with various scissors and cutting supplies? Also, it can be tricky to recognize the type of scissors you need for a specific project. 

April 25 2021
15 Ways Grommets Help You Unleash Your Creativity

By: Grommets Depot

If you love to craft, sew, and create, then you’ll love grommets. These handy hardware accents are as helpful as they are aesthetically pleasing. They’re so versatile you’ll be hard-pressed to run out of ideas and uses for these. Read on to learn everything you need to know about grommets and how you can incorporate them into your creative sewing projects.

January 14 2020
Showcasing your Fabrics

By: Grommets Depot

Do you regularly need to showcase newly sourced fabrics each season? The ideal way to show fabric samples is in an organized swatch book or swatch board. A swatch can help a customer consider whether they want an entire product line made with a material before committing to yardage for product development. Creating fabric swatches will certainly showcase your professionalism and unique selection of fabrics!

January 12 2020
15 DIY Fashion Pieces to Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

By: Grommets Depot

With fast fashion quickly becoming one of the world’s leading contributors to climate change, lots of people are turning towards more sustainable solutions. From thrift shopping to designing your own pieces, there’s lots of ways to lower our carbon footprint with our fashion choices.

Not only is it better for our planet, but it’s a ton of fun to design and craft your own clothing and accessories. If you consider yourself to be the crafty type, read on for 15 great ideas of cool things to make at home.  Most of these can be done to upgrade an old favorite, or you can buy a cheap staple from a budget store to transform into a unique creation.

November 20 2019
Let Your Creative Spirit Flourish with Rivets as Embellishments!

By: Grommets Depot

The season is here to let your creative spirit flourish. We offer a variety of products that can help brighten up your gifting and decorating season. We will feature a select number of rivets that we offer. They can be used for small scale or larger scale production. Our rivets offer a variety of opportunities for creative embellishments that is perfect for holiday gifts and decorations. We hope you feel inspired and motivated to experiment and try new ideas during this time of year and for upcoming years to come!

October 17 2019
Exploring Your Cutting Options

By: Grommets Depot

When it comes to cutting supplies, any designer knows that good supplies are a must. We have a variety of cutting supplies that can make your process as efficient as possible as you work your threads through various fabrics from light-weight silk to heavy-weight denim.

October 03 2019
Super Heavy Duty Press for Buttons, Grommets, Rivets and Snaps (1 die set included)

By: Grommets Depot

This super heavy duty press is designed for higher-volume attachment of  button covers, grommets, rivets and snaps in a  quicker and easier  manner with less fatigue  compared to our standard duty non-electric press machines.

The press is heavier and 30% larger than other heavy-duty presses.  It has a deeper throat which allows it to set snaps and grommets further from the edge of the fabric.  Its longer padded handle provides more torque and reduces the force needed to press it. 

September 22 2019
Understanding Uses for Eyelets & Grommets in our Daily Lives

By: Grommets Depot

Let’s consider the various circumstances that you can use eyelets and grommets for your product development in apparel, interior, and outdoor textiles. Eyelets and grommets can be used for several fabric types including light weight to heavy weight materials, it just takes an understanding to find their optimal uses. Eyelets are smaller than grommets.