Choose The Best Grommet As Per Your Project Needs

Choose The Best Grommet As Per Your Project Needs

Have you noticed the little rings on the shoe holes or the rings on the curtains? Do you ever admire what these might be or what they are used for, except for giving a sturdy look to the material on which they are used? 

They are commonly known as eyelets or Grommets made with various materials like plastic, metal, or even rubber. You can use them in various industries like fabric, printing, cable, etc. Hence, they play an important role in daily life. 

Whether it is for construction, production, or manufacturing, these grommets are used to cover the sharp edges of the metallic holes and save the other material. 

But do you know grommets also come pre-equipped with washers? If not, this article is for you! In the post, we have provided you with the information that you might need while buying grommets. 

Different Types of Grommets

Grommets were originally designed to secure the fabric it is used on, to protect the material that will pass through the hole, such as laces, string, or any other material. They are available in different types and are made based on their application in different industries. 

1. Rolled Rim Grommets with Spur Washers

Rolled rim grommets with spur washers are exclusive washers and grommet sets useful in industries that manufacture bags, awnings, curtains, pool covers, sails, tents, etc. These play a significant role in holding large banners intact in their place. Grommet with spurred washer is manufactured using a thicker material than other gromets, given the application uses it. 

The washer is designed to have teeth or sharp tings that interlock with the grommet resulting in a stronghold and setting. Thick material is used to make these spur washer grommets so that you can use them in nylon webbing, heavy construction material, leather, and other industrial applications easily. 

If you want to buy these, they are available in 6 size variants starting from 17mm x 8mm x 8mm to 31.2mm x 18mm x 9.8mm. 

2. Extra Long Neck Grommets with Washers

Do you want extra-long neck grommets for your lawn furniture? Try Extra Long Neck Grommets with Washers. They are made from hardened steel to fit most industrial requirements and coated with oxide to ensure a permanent joint. 

These extra-long neck grommets are available in brass and nickel finish. Three size variants are available for them, starting from long neck #000 (5/32") to long neck #0 (1/4"). You can pick any of the available sizes at the most affordable prices. 

However, the extra-long grommets with washers are ideally used in making posters, curtains, dresses, shoes, etc. You can even use them in the manufacturing of tents and canvas. Best of all, you can easily set them using the hammer and anvil setter for small projects. But if you have large projects, you might want to go for a heavy-duty press machine. 

3. Two-Piece Grommets

These types of grommets are mostly used in clothing such as jeans and dresses. They are made using superior quality materials such as rubber, metal, plastic, etc. The two-piece grommets are available in 5 variants for you to pick from while buying:

  • Brass
  • Antique brass
  • Gun Metal
  • Nickel
  • Black 
  • White

Grommets tend to reinforce the hole in the fabric for saving the other material that passes through those holes. They can be used on any fabric, canvas, tents, etc. hence are also available in fun colors

You can use them in clothes or bags made specifically for children. This option is best for producers and manufacturers looking for long-lasting grommets to serve their purpose rather than withering off at the early stages. 

4. Self-Piercing Grommets and Washers

As the name suggests, these grommets are self-piercing. They do not need pre-punched holes but can easily punch a hole by punching in most fabrics. Instead, keep the fabric between the fabric and the washer, apply a little pressure, and the grommet will fit into the fabric. The best element about these is that once they fit in the fabric, they work as well as machine-punched or pre-punched grommets. 

If you use heavy material like webbing, you should avoid using self-piercing grommets because the material may damage the grommet or not allow it to pass through even after applying the required pressure. In such a case, choose pre-punched or plain grommets. 

However, self-piercing grommets are the best fit for light fabrics and materials like paper and vinyl. They provide a one-stop solution without burdening you with the additional cost of pre-punching the hole. 

How to Install Grommets?

Installing a grommet is surely a task that asks for attention and dedication. However, you can learn to install a grommet if you know how to use the punching machine and the pressure you need to apply if using a self-piercing grommet. 

Just follow the three simple steps, and installing the grommet is done. 

Step 1. Take the grommet and measure where you place the center. Mark the cloth with a pencil. After that, place the cloth on a wooden scrap, place the hole punch on the outline and punch the hole. It is suggested to punch the hole on a hard surface that is not damaged with mislaid hammering. 

Step 2. Place the grommet and the washer in the assigned place. Check that you are installing the tall half through the hole from beneath. 

Step 3. The final step is to fasten the washer, cloth, and grommet together. Place the lower part of the grommet on the base tool and pound it with the required pressure. Ensure that the grommet and washer are securely interlocked. 

Choose The Right Grommet For Your Project!

If you are working on large projects and worried about having clean punches for snaps and grommets, you should use punching machines. Though grommets, rivets, and snaps are easier to install, you must check the material before buying them. 

It is suggested to invest in the best grommets only as they will also determine the final look of your product. Therefore, if you need the best grommets made with high-quality, durable material, reach us at 1(800)868-4419 or drop an email with your queries at