Elevate the aesthetic of your clothing and accessory designs with snaps of all shapes and sizes. Our extensive selection of snaps come in an array of options to suit your custom designs and they’re the perfect finishing touch for backpacks, jackets, handbags or shirts. Depending on your design needs, we offer more discrete options that work magnetically and are nearly invisible. The round and rectangular snaps that can be hidden in between layers of fabric, such as in your lining or interfacing of handbags or backpacks. Or our double cap spring snaps’ copper finish is a perfect touch to a denim jacket. Our design options range from sleek metal, nickel and brass to more elegant pearl, colorful enamel or cost-effective plastic ring options.

Double Cap Ring Snaps
Our Price: $19.99  
Enamel Open Ring Prong Ring Snaps
Our Price: $12.99  
Invisible Round Magnetic Snaps
Our Price: $0.35  
Invisible Square Magnetic Snaps
Our Price: $0.35   Market Price: $0.99
Save: $0.64 per unit
Lychee Flower Shaped Snap Sew On Buttons
Our Price: $29.99  
Magnetic Purse Snaps
Our Price: $4.99  
Metal Open Ring Prong Ring Snaps
Our Price: $9.99  
Plastic Snap Buttons
Our Price: $6.99  
Spring Snaps Double Cap
Our Price: $19.99  
Spring Snaps Standard
Our Price: $9.99  
Standard Ring Snaps
Our Price: $14.99  

What parts do snaps have?

Snaps consists of four parts that come together to create a closure that can be used as a clothing decoration, bags decoration, or for practical uses like holding a tent down. Some parts of the snap are referred to as male and female.

The four parts of a snap include

How do you measure snaps?

Snap sizes are measured in a similar fashion to buttons. They are measured according to their diameter. Most commonly, they are measured in millimeters or inches, but their size can also be measured in lignes (1 lignes = 1 inch) or in a system that uses defined size numbers. There are a number of size charts available online to compare each sizing measurement.

How do I remove a snap?

To remove a snap, the two parts of the stud must be completely separated.

If removing snaps from clothing, the garment or fabric must be pulled tight. Gently place a screwdriver under one side of the snap and twist it slowly back and forth around the rim of the stud. This will start to loosen to fastening, and the two parts of the snap should come apart. Repeat this across the whole length of the snap until it is successfully removed. Discard both parts of the snap at the end.

Can snaps be reused?

Once the snap has been removed, the parts are damaged, and should not be reused. Even if the snaps are carefully removed, it’s likely that one part of the stud will be ruined. Start with brand new snaps when adding fasteners to new clothing or bags.

What types of snaps are there?

Snaps can come in many forms, including the small pearl snaps used for clothing decoration or bags decoration, non-sew snaps, or heavy-duty snaps used for larger items like holding down tents.

All snaps are created using a pressing machine, and they generally fall into two categories – press studs, and rivets studs.

Press studs have two separate parts, and are great for sewing onto clothing as buttons, or onto bags as a secure closure.

Rivets studs are metal or plastic, and require riveting tools to add to the item. These are commonly found on the front and batrousers or jeans near the waistband to give strength to areas of strain like pockets and seams. Companies can stamp their logos onto the snaps.