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Are you looking to increase your productivity while making your clothing, accessories, home, or industrial textiles more functional and decorative? We offer a wide selection of grommets, eyelets, snaps, buttons, and rivets to meet your unique needs! We also offer a variety of cutting supplies and machinery.

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Different Types of Scissors & Cutting Supplies – Your Ultimate Guide

By: Grommets Depot

Scissor is a basic tool used for cutting purpose. But do you know that different scissors can be confusing for beginners as the market is flooded with various scissors and cutting supplies? Also, it can be tricky to recognize the type of scissors you need for a specific project. 

15 Ways Grommets Help You Unleash Your Creativity

By: Grommets Depot

If you love to craft, sew, and create, then you’ll love grommets. These handy hardware accents are as helpful as they are aesthetically pleasing. They’re so versatile you’ll be hard-pressed to run out of ideas and uses for these. Read on to learn everything you need to know about grommets and how you can incorporate them into your creative sewing projects.

Showcasing your Fabrics

By: Grommets Depot

Do you regularly need to showcase newly sourced fabrics each season? The ideal way to show fabric samples is in an organized swatch book or swatch board. A swatch can help a customer consider whether they want an entire product line made with a material before committing to yardage for product development. Creating fabric swatches will certainly showcase your professionalism and unique selection of fabrics!