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Are you looking to increase your productivity while making your clothing, accessories, home, or industrial textiles more functional and decorative? We offer a wide selection of grommets, eyelets, snaps, buttons, and rivets to meet your unique needs! We also offer a variety of cutting supplies and machinery.

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Showcasing your Fabrics

By: Grommets Depot

Do you regularly need to showcase newly sourced fabrics each season? The ideal way to show fabric samples is in an organized swatch book or swatch board. A swatch can help a customer consider whether they want an entire product line made with a material before committing to yardage for product development. Creating fabric swatches will certainly showcase your professionalism and unique selection of fabrics!

15 DIY Fashion Pieces to Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

By: Grommets Depot

With fast fashion quickly becoming one of the world’s leading contributors to climate change, lots of people are turning towards more sustainable solutions. From thrift shopping to designing your own pieces, there’s lots of ways to lower our carbon footprint with our fashion choices.

Not only is it better for our planet, but it’s a ton of fun to design and craft your own clothing and accessories. If you consider yourself to be the crafty type, read on for 15 great ideas of cool things to make at home.  Most of these can be done to upgrade an old favorite, or you can buy a cheap staple from a budget store to transform into a unique creation.

Let Your Creative Spirit Flourish with Rivets as Embellishments!

By: Grommets Depot

The season is here to let your creative spirit flourish. We offer a variety of products that can help brighten up your gifting and decorating season. We will feature a select number of rivets that we offer. They can be used for small scale or larger scale production. Our rivets offer a variety of opportunities for creative embellishments that is perfect for holiday gifts and decorations. We hope you feel inspired and motivated to experiment and try new ideas during this time of year and for upcoming years to come!