Cutting Machines and Supplies

Looking for greater efficiency in your production process? Check out our selection of scissors, pinking shears, rotary cutters, thread clippers, and scissor sharpening equipment. If you are looking to speed up your sample cutting with pinking shears, we offer a variety of swatch cutters and cutting matts that can help you quickly cut lightweight and heavy-weight fabrics. For larger pieces of fabrics, we offer electric rotary shears, fabric cutters, and high-speed fabric cutting machines. If you want to prevent your synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon, or rayon from fraying, we offer a variety of hot knives that can seal edges as they automatically cut fabrics.

How many types of cutting machines are there?

Cutting machines are available in various types and categories like fabric cutters, metal cutters, plastic cutters, PVC cutters, foam cutters, and stone cutters. In addition, there are tree cutters and pruning shear that are used in landscaping. There are heavy-duty industrial-grade cutting machines and standard cutting machines made for domestic and commercial use.

Different types of cutting machines are made for different industries and use. For example, fabric cutters are used in the textile industry, while metal cutters are used in the steel industry.

What are the uses of cutting machines?

The uses of cutting machines depend on the type of machine. For example, metal cutters are used in manufacturing to cut metal sheets into smaller pieces. Fabric cutters are used for cutting fabrics in the textile industry. Fabric cutters can be scissors or rotary cutters. Moreover, there are hot knives that are specially made for cutting synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, and rayon. Hot knives prevent synthetic fabrics from fraying by sealing their edges automatically after cutting.

Why do you need a fabric cutter?

Cutting the fabrics is time-consuming. Workers in textile industries work hard to get the perfect cutting. They measure each piece carefully before cutting it. Moreover, any slips of the ruler of the rotary cutter can lead to inaccurate cuttings and wastage of fabric. The fabric cutting machines allow workers to make accurate cuts and work faster to maintain daily productivity. Fabric cutters enable textile companies to increase production and meet the demands of distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.

How fast does a cutting machine cut the fabric?

The time taken for cutting varies depending on the type and model of the cutting machine. The time for cutting also depends on the type of project and the fabric you are cutting. Large and more complex designs may take longer than standard cotton-based fabrics. However, high-quality cutting machines can cut the fabrics very fast. These machines can cut even intricate designs within a few seconds.

Is it difficult to use a fabric cutting machine?

It depends on how familiar you are with the process of using the machine. Have you used the machine earlier or not? Some electric fabric cutters are complicated to use, but with some practice, you can use them easily.

Every machine requires the user to practice using it for a few samples to know how to use it accurately before using it on the actual fabric. On the other hand, manual fabric cutters are easy to use as all you need is to stack the fabric and run the machine through it.

Do Electronic Fabric Cutters need a Die?

The electronic fabric cutters are not as complicated as you might think, and unlike manual cutters, they don’t require dies. The blades in electronic cutters work on electronic signals, therefore, don’t require a die. These blades use electronic information to cut the fabric in different shapes and designs.

Can you hurt yourself while using a fabric cutting machine?

Although it’s unlikely to hurt yourself while using such high-quality machines, there are still chances of getting hurt. Users need to read and understand the instructions in the user manual before using the cutting machine. Manual cutters like scissors and shears can cause injury to hands or arms if not used with proper instructions. You can avoid such problems and injuries by using fabric cutting machines. Using our fabric cutting machines, you are investing in long-term safety at work.

Are the spares of fabric cutting machines available?

Yes, all the spare parts of fabric cutting machines are available. Although these machines are made durable enough to last for years without any problems, a lack of maintenance can lead to the deterioration of parts. All you need is to consult a professional and get the deteriorated part replaced to bring the machine into working condition.