Swatch & Sample Cutters

Swatch and sample cutters are tools that the furniture factories, textile and sewing companies use to cut fabric and other material samples of fixed, uniform sizes conveniently, rapidly and safely. Grommets Depot has various Swatch and Sample Cutters from 12" pneumatics to 16" or 24" heavy duty machines to fit different requirements. 

12" Swatch Cutter (GS30-8)
Our Price: $499.00  
16" Swatch Cutter (GS40-8)
Our Price: $599.00   Market Price: $999.00
Save: $400.00 per unit
16" or 24" EXTRA Heavy Duty Swatch Cutter w/Stand & Wheels (CYJ-400)
Our Price: $799.99   Market Price: $1999.99
Save: $1200.00 per unit
Cutting Mat For CYJ-400 and CYJ-600
Our Price: $29.99  

Manual swatch and sample cutters

1. 12” or 16” Swatch Cutters

Both tools are affordable, portable and fast working cutters for fabric, leather, vinyl and paper samples and swatches. They can cut multiple layers of materials stacked up to ¾” high at up to a maximum size of 12” or if you need bigger swatches, use the 16” cutter.

Users can choose pinking or straight blade to cut their swatches and samples.  Both the 12” and 16” cutters have the same overall size (30”x20”) and weigh 30 and 40 pounds respectively.  

2. 16" Heavy Duty Swatch Cutter with Stand

This 16” heavy duty cutter includes a stand with cabinet to hold the materials in process. The stand has expandable table that can be folded down when not needed.

This swatch cutter can cut multiple layers of fabric, leather, vinyl and other materials stacked up to ¾” high with pinking or straight blade.

3. 16" or 24" EXTRA Heavy Duty Swatch Cutter with Stand & Wheels 

These 16" or 24" EXTRA Heavy Duty Swatch Cutters are recommended for users that require thousands or high volume of swatches and samples in bigger sizes each day. They are mounted on stands with wheels, cabinet and table extension.

Both cutters can cut multiple layers of material stacked up 1" high with pinking or straight blade.

Pneumatic Cutter

This 12" Pneumatic Swatch Cutter needs electricity and air compressor to operate but consumes low energy during its operation. It is easier to use than manual cutters and is recommended for high-volume production of swatches and patterns.

The knife height of 2” allows cutting of thicker stacks of materials compared to the other cutters.  A laser beam helps the user align the material for cutting and shows the location to be cut.

There are two button switches near the user and far from the blade to turn the cutter on and off. Another safety feature is the plexi-glass guard near the pinked or straight blade to protect the user’s hands and eyes.


1. Cutting Mats

Each cutter includes a scaled cutting mat to protect the cutting table from blade cuts and to guide the movement of the material for cutting based on the intended size. .

2. Cutting blades

The users have the choice to use a straight or pinked blade. The straight blade is usually used in cutting vinyl and other materials that don’t fray. 

The pinked or saw-toothed blade is used for materials that easily fray like fabrics.

Why do companies use swatches and samples?

Even clear images can’t compare to actual swatches in convincing majority of the consumers to buy the materials the sales persons are trying to sell.

Customers are not satisfied with just the material’s appearance. They want to know how it feels. Showing swatches and samples is the easy and convenient way to sell different materials to as many people possible