Everything You Need to Know About The Fabric Cutting Machines

Everything You Need to Know About The Fabric Cutting Machines

Earlier, people were using traditional cutting tools like scissors to cut the cloth material. With time, things have changed, and the demand for the modernized cutting machine has increased. But if we talk about Fabric cutting, this is completely different. And to cut fabric in different shapes and sizes, a machine having a sharp cutter blade is a must.

Whether you are a tailor having a shop or working in a garment manufacturing company, if you are serious about your sewing and looking for an affordable option to cut the cloth, you need a fabric cutting machine.

However, here in the article, you will learn everything related to Fabric Cutting Machines. Plus, this guide will help you save money and provide you with the path to choose the right fabric cutting machine that matches your expectations and pocket.

Use of Fabric Cutting Machine

Are you finding difficulty in cutting your fabric material perfectly? It could be a challenge for fresher as well as professional tailors to cut fabric pieces neatly. In such situations, having a fabric cutting machine is a blessing as it not only allows you to work more efficiently but makes your overall project process smoother.

Types of Fabric Cutting Machine

There are two sorts of fabric cutting machines, including manual and electronic/digital. They both are different in their characteristics, pros, and cons. Moreover, they depend on your need, budget, and usage.

1. Manual

Manual fabric cutting machines are conducted and controlled by hands. Using this kind of Machine, place fabric between the die and the mat and fed through the Machine.

The best part of using it is that you don’t require a power source, extremely portable, easy to handle, and safer for you and your loved ones.

2. Digital/Electric

Electric fabric cutting machines require a power source like a battery/main plug. These kinds of machines working process (cutting and movement) is very different but easy. The plus point is you have preloaded layouts that you can use on your fabric.

If you have any health problems or joint pains, these sorts of machines are the best choice.

Best Fabric Cutting Machines

In this segment, we have outlined some best fabric cutting machines which you can consider to cut your fabric piece.

1. Mini Electric Rotary Fabric Cutter

Mini Electric Rotary Fabric Cutter is one of the best choices if you want to cut your fabric piece smoothly. It is a well-designed, smallest heavy-duty machine that works effortlessly on your projects. Due to its lightweight and small size, you can cut complicated patterns and curves without any problem.

Its motor is double insulated allow the Machine to work for a long period as well as you don’t require lubrication or servicing to keep them up-to-date.

The Allstar AS-100K comes with a built-in push-button stone blade sharpener, adjustable blade guard, and safety finger guard. Hence, making your working and cutting experience easy and safe. Moreover, you can work on or off the table with the unique removable base plate feature according to your convenience. Overall, it is a great machine loaded with fantastic features.

2. Miro Circular Fabric Cutters

Are you looking for powerful and torque cutting machines? Have you tried Miro Circular Fabric Cutters! It is a Heavy-Duty Cutting Machine mainly used for Leather Industries, Blind/Awning Makers, Circular Carpenters, Unsupported Plastic, PVC, Paper, Insulation, Canvas & Tarp Machines, and more.

Micro Top MB-110 Fabric Cloth Cutting Machine is reliable and high-quality that allows users to cut with ease and provide clean cuts on nearly any type of fabric and thickness. The Machine comes with a Thin Base Plate with 4 Rollers, Finger Guard, Balanced Hangle, and CE, making the working experience safer and more effective.

Whether you want to cut the hefty or thin, straight or curved Fabric, Miro Circular Fabric Cutters is a one-stop solution.

3. Electric Rotary Cutter

Electric Rotary Cutter is an incredibly multipurpose and robust machine that makes your cutting process easy, smooth, and quick. You don’t require expert knowledge or techniques; if you cut long straight lines, roll it along with surroundings, and in seconds, you are done with your project.

Overall, it’s a good option to cut light to medium weight fabrics and woven or loosely knit fabrics.

4. Band Knife

Band knife includes a sequence of three or more pulleys that are powered by an electric motor. Its knives are in shape and flexible, making the higher standard cutting accurate. If you want to cut very sharp corners in small parts, Band Knife is the best choice.

5. New-Tech 3 Inch Electric Rotary Cutter

New-Tech 3 Inch Electric Rotary Cutter is the most popular portable heavy-duty Machine used for multipurpose fabric cutting. Its blade is octagonal and designed to cut all kinds of thick fabric up to 20 layers.

Moreover, these machines have a built-in sharpener and come with an extra blade, spare couplings, grinding wheel, motor brushes, oil felt, and grease syringe.

6. Straight Knife Fabric Cutting Machine

It is an industrial fabric cutting machine featured with a 1/3 hp motor and 3400 RPM to offer users an authentic and flawless cutting experience. These kinds of machines are most effective on light- to medium-weight material like woven or knit fabrics.

Besides, Straight Knife Fabric Cutting Machine are movable and simple to use. Best of all, its automatic knife-sharpening system offers you great performance, plus its in-built security mechanisms keep you safe from getting hurt during the cutting procedure.

Things To Consider

Suppose you are investing a huge amount in purchasing anything. In that case, make sure that it has the quality and material exactly you are looking for or want as nobody wants to spend money on irrelevant things.

The same implies when you are buying a cutting machine for your project. However, it is always best to check your personal preferences like why you want the Machine, how you will use it, what your budget is, and so on. Besides, there are other things to look out for in a fabric cutting machine. They are as follow:

  • Machine Type
  • Machine Size
  • Machine Quality
  • Accessories
  • Price
  • Versatility
  • Useability

Closing Words

It’s time to speed up your company’s profit with an investment in machines that make it as fast as your sewing machines.

Lastly, above, we have mentioned some best-in-class fabric cutting machines for you. All machines have their advantages and disadvantages, so choose the right fabric cutting machines and tools to best suit your needs.

In case you are doubtful about opting for a deal machine for your project, you can check out the list of fabric cutting machine here - https://www.grommetsdepot.com/fabric-cutting-machines/