Let Your Creative Spirit Flourish with Rivets as Embellishments!

Let Your Creative Spirit Flourish with Rivets as Embellishments!

The season is here to let your creative spirit flourish. We offer a variety of products that can help brighten up your gifting and decorating season. We will feature a select number of rivets that we offer. They can be used for small scale or larger scale production. Our rivets offer a variety of opportunities for creative embellishments that is perfect for holiday gifts and decorations. We hope you feel inspired and motivated to experiment and try new ideas during this time of year and for upcoming years to come!

Ideas for Holiday Gifts with Our Rivets

Our Gemocite Acrylic Stone Rivets can add a unique look to re-usable tote bags. The acrylic stone rivets can used to create a fun message like “Joy,” “Love,” or “Happy Holidays.” Shapes can also be added with the rivets such as a heart, flower, star, or sun. The combination of colors for a design is endless and can create a distinct tote bag that will really encourage re-use during shopping!

Our Square Pyramid Rivets can add an edgy appeal to belts, shoulder bags, or backpacks. Placing these pyramid rivets in strategic positions can add a unique appeal to many products. The shine of the nickel, brass, gun metal, and gold colors stand out due to the pronounced pyramid peak that allows light to reflect in different directions. The rivet color options can complement fabrics of many kinds including woven fabrics such as cotton or polyester. Strategically using several of the pyramid rivets colors can tell a strong color story and create a truly unique product. You can add these to your products with a Heavy Duty Press Machine available with your order of the square pyramid rivets.

Our Byzantine Rivets have strong detailing. They can be added to hand-bags as unique embellishments, especially if placed strategically along the strap. The rivets have strong geometry and give a sense of precision. This may appeal to many consumers who are looking to buy products with strong detailing. They come in nickel, brass, gun metal, and gold colors, as well as two different sizes so that you can choose the best option to aesthetically match with the size of your handbag. The rivets come in sets of 100 or 1000, if you choose to order the set of 1000, there is a 50% discount! You can apply these with a Heavy Duty Press Machine available to purchase with your order of rivets.

Our Pearl Studs Rivets are round and shiny, they can be attached to fabric as embellishments for accessories such as necklaces or bracelets. Whether you use 1 or 10, these rivets give a sense of wonder by just viewing them. They come in white, silver, gold, brass, and black. This gives a variety of options to support your creative designs for accessories. They come in 3 different sizes. You can add these to your fabric with a Pearl and Stud Press Machine that you can add to your order.

Holiday Decoration Ideas with Our Rivets

To help create a festive atmosphere with your products, you can also use rivets as embellishments for household decorations. These are just a few ideas to consider:

Our Modern Floral Rivets can be attached to ribbons for center piece floral decorations to brighten up any holiday event. They can add a nice detailed finish and give your center piece a unique, festive appearance. The Floral Rivets come in nickel, brass, gun metal, and gold, and are available in sizes 6mm and 9mm. The Rivets can be applied to the ribbon using our Heavy Duty Press Machine. The combination of the flowers, ribbon, and floral rivets will surely attract many compliments and create memorable moments!

Another holiday decoration is stockings! Our Prong Rivet Rhinestones can add sparkle to your stockings and make them extra special. These Rhinestones are also available to sew on.  They come in crystal, green, blue, red, pink, yellow, and purple. They are available in two sizes. The Rivet Rhinestone can be attached with a Heavy Duty Press Machine. You can choose a consistent color way for your stockings like a blue and purple rim around the top edge of the stocking, or play with a mixture of rhinestone colors to make each stocking one-of-a-kind.

Interior textiles always add a sense of warmth and comfort to a room. A holiday textile print can be created using our Prong Rivet Domes as embellishments to a canvas wall hanging. Potential phrases can be “Wishing Joy,” “Peace on Earth,” or “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry.” The possibilities are open to your creative interpretation. These Rivet Domes can be applied with a Heavy Duty Press Machine. Their color availability is nickel, brass, gun metal, and gold. You can vary the color combination to meet your aesthetics and experiment with different fonts and canvas sizes. The creative possibilities are endless!

Creating holiday welcome mats using our Prong Rivet Flats as unique embellishments can make guests feel especially welcomed. For this specific design idea, the larger 9mm size is recommended since a welcome mat is further away from a person’s regular line of sight and larger size rivets can help make a message stand out. The color range and sizes are the same as previous rivets, and again the possibilities to mix and match colors offers several unique design opportunities. A Heavy Duty Press Machine can be used to attach the rivets to the mat.

From Us to You

We offer a wide selection of Rivets and have offered several suggestions of how you may incorporate our unique line of rivets into holiday gifts and decorations. Please feel free to experiment and expand on these ideas as the possibilities are truly endless! To view our full line of Rivet products and tools please visit: https://www.grommetsdepot.com/rivets/

If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to reach out to us!