Showcasing your Fabrics

Showcasing your Fabrics

Do you regularly need to showcase newly sourced fabrics each season? The ideal way to show fabric samples is in an organized swatch book or swatch board. A swatch can help a customer consider whether they want an entire product line made with a material before committing to yardage for product development. Creating fabric swatches will certainly showcase your professionalism and unique selection of fabrics!

We have a wide selection of tools to help you do this for a many fabrics. Let’s explore our swatch cutter selection!

Our swatch cutters work well with many fabrics like cotton, denim, and leather. They are available with a 12” board or 16” board. Using a swatch cutter will certainly speed up the process of developing swatches compared to using traditional pinking shears. You can cut fabrics in layers up to ¾” high to further speed up the process and maximize your efficiency. These swatch cutters are available with pinked edges to obtain a zig-zag pattern, or straight edges for a straight cut edge. You can also choose if you want extra blades added to your order. The swatch cutter can be easily placed on any table and is highly portable. The small size of these swatch cutters make them ideal for smaller textile studios or work spaces.

If you are looking to create hundreds or thousands of swatches, our heavy-duty swatch cutter with a stand may optimize your process. This can be a helpful addition for any textile studio or factory. The fabric cutter can cut fabric swatches up to 16.” It has the same features as the previous swatch cutters and it can cut fabrics stacked up to ¾” high. It also has options for a pinked or straight edge to cut fabric swatches. You can also choose if you want additional blades shipped, if you want the swatch cutter to arrive assembled or unassembled, or shipped to a commercial or residential address.

If you need larger swatches to be cut at a faster pace, our extra heavy-duty swatch cutter with a stand and wheels may meet your needs. The swatch cutters can cut fabrics that are 16” or 24.” They can cut fabrics that are stacked up to 1” high and there is also the option for pinked or straight edge blades. This will certainly help you cut fabrics more efficiently!

If you’ve ordered a swatch cutter and realize you are in need of additional accessories like blades, cutting mats, or clamps, you can always order them on our site. If you notice that the cutting blades are becoming dull and not cutting properly, please order additional blades to replace them to make sure the swatch cutter is working at its best to produce high quality swatches. If you use your swatch cutter on a daily basis and cut a significant amount of fabrics, you may need to replace the blades more often since they can become dull more quickly. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our swatch cutters or accessories! We are always happy to help! You can view our full selection here: