Exploring Your Cutting Options

Exploring Your Cutting Options

When it comes to cutting supplies, any designer knows that good supplies are a must. We have a variety of cutting supplies that can make your process as efficient as possible as you work your threads through various fabrics from light-weight silk to heavy-weight denim.

Cutting with Small Scissors

Small scissors can be helpful to cut short threads. Whether you are using an industrial machine that requires a manual cut, or an industrial machine with an automatic cutter, short threads always require attention to detail. You may fiddle with your larger scissors to cut these small threads. Our small, convenient, ergonomic thread snips can support your process. These snips have a safety cap and soft grip for your use. The ergonomic functionality can be especially helpful if you constantly cut small threads. Beyond its use for snipping short threads after machine sewing, these small scissors can also be helpful during embroidery or applique processes.

Cutting with Dressmaking Shears

Shears are the go-to product for fabric cutting. They are intuitive to hold with the specially designed long handles and blades. The oval handle is designed for your fore finger, middle, ring, pinky, whereas the smaller round handle is for your thumb. Using shears can allow you to use the scissors easily and have them glide along a table top as you are cutting. The “stay-set” shears pictured below come in several sizes including 9,” 10,” and 12.” Overtime, the blades of shears may become dull due to exposure to a variety of fabric materials. We offer a scissor sharpener to assist with this. This can extend the useful life of your scissors.

Cutting with a Rotary Cutter

If you are cutting several layers of fabric and several pattern pieces, a rotary cutter can help make your process more efficient and accurate compared to shears. You can lay out your pattern pieces or marked fabric flat on a table to begin cutting. The rotary cutter is designed to cut as precisely as your hand can guide it, especially for straight cutting. After extensive use, the rotary cutting blade may become dull and may not meet your cutting needs. To fix this, we offer sets of rotary blades that can be used to replace dull blades. This can make your rotary cutter long-lasting.

Cutting with Pinking Shears

As you’re cutting fabrics, you may find a need to develop a standardized system to organize sample swatches for future reference. Our pinking shears can help you develop zig-zag edges to prevent your edges from fraying. The pinking shears can cut through thick and thin fabrics, produce a consistent edge, and provide a professional finish for your sample swatches.


The Final Cut?

These are just a few of our cutting supplies that we hope can meet your cutting needs. From small scissors to shears, we have a variety of cutting supplies. To learn more about our full offering, please visit our website: https://www.grommetsdepot.com/scissors-and-cutting-supplies/