Get Precisions Cut for Your Detailed Designs with Swatch & Sample Cutters

Get Precisions Cut for Your Detailed Designs with Swatch & Sample Cutters

If you are a pro sewer, you must be familiar with Swatch & Sample Cutters. But in case you are a beginner in the sewing industry and starting with your fabric designing business, having swatches is essential. It can help you and your clients in finding and picking out the right fabrics for a project. 

Here in the article, you will get precisions cut for your detailed designs with swatch & sample cutters. Plus, this guide you on how choose the right cutting machine choice. 

Use of Swatches and Samples

Even clear pictures cannot compare to actual samples in convincing customers to buy the materials. Clients are not satisfied just with the idea of the material but also want to know how it feels to touch in real. 

Showing samples is a simple and comfortable way to sell different materials to as many customers as feasible. It gives potential buyers the knowledge of what fabric you are selling them, its quality etc.

So, if the customers are convinced, you will make sales to earn profits in no time.

If you know everything about the fabric, such as where it is, how much is left in stock, it will save you from management headaches.

To create an incredibly organized sample book, you need a good sample cutter, a mat to cut the samples, and rulers to ensure everything is right. And if you aren't sure how heavy your material is, you can contact grommets depot to have the most actual fabric, paper, and cardboard dimensions. 

Know About Swatch & Sample Cutter

Here we are introducing heavy-duty swatch and sample cutters that can effectively and efficiently perform your designing job. If you have heavy-duty materials, these leather cutting machines will make you perfect swatches in under a minute!  

From the manual to pneumatic swatch cutter or pinking to straight blade cutter with different shapes, at Grommets Depot, you can find the perfect match as per your need. 

1. Swatch Cutter

Time to throw away your pinking shears! Are you looking for the fastest working swatch cutter on the market? Swatch Cutter is one of the best options. These are user-friendly and multipurpose cutting machines that can help you in generating swatches rapidly. In addition, this portable designed equipment can cut multiple materials, including cloth, leather, vinyl, and even paper.

It is the most affordable and strong machine that comes with a robust table that helps you do your operations with ease and provide the support for the sample to cut. You can have 12" or 16" Swatch Cutters as per your requirement of cutting the fabric. 

The best part is that the cutting area is fully protected by a transparent acrylic sheet, which also helps the worker view the cutting operation. There is also a specially designed long handle that allows smooth cutting with the minutest worker tiredness. Overall, both the 16" and 12" swatch cutters have the same size, 30" x20" and weigh 30 and 40 pounds respectively, with meticulously finished grey & blue color to give a stunning look. 

2. Pneumatic Cutter

Pneumatic Cutter is the perfect choice for fabric cutter safety engineering. This kind of Cutter needs electricity and an air compressor to cut out circular or dumb-bell shape specimens of fixed diameter. It is easier to use and is recommended for the high-volume production of swatches and patterns.

You don't have to bother about security, as to protect the user's hands and eyes, there is a plexiglass guard near the pinked or straight Blade. Its' knife allows you to cut thicker stacks of material plus, its laser beam feature helps the user align the material for cutting, and they can see the area to be cut. 

Whether you want to cut plastics, paper, carpet, or any material helps you achieve your job quickly, correctly, and safely.

3. Heavy Duty Swatch Cutter

Suppose you need hundreds of samples in a single afternoon, no problem! Grommets Depot has a solution for you. Heavy-duty 16" swatch cutter at our online store promises to give you large numbers of swatches, all the same quickly. 

This kind of Machine can handle any thickness of the material, including fabric, leather, vinyl, and more. So, it is the perfect tool for furniture factories, sample houses, textile rooms, designers, or anyone who wants to cut up thousands of samples within minutes. 

Besides, you can also have a 16" or 24" Extra Heavy Duty Swatch Cutter with Stand & Wheels if you require thousands or a high volume of swatches and samples in bigger sizes each day. However, having a professional Machine will ensure that each piece is even and give you complete swatches in more than half of the time! 

Other Accessories

There are different Cutting Blades and Mat options to select from, including:

  • Pinking Blade: It gives your swatches a zigzag pattern.
  • Straight Blade: It gives your swatches a nice straight and sharp cut.
  • Cutting Mat: It protects the cutting table from blade cuts and helps the worker view the material's movement for cutting. 

Pick The Right Machine for Your Work!

 Investing amount in purchasing a sewing machine is a big task anything. As it is a one-time investment and you have to be more cautious about the quality and material. Plus, the size also matters. So, it is better first to determine your operation size and the capital you will invest in. 

Suppose you need to accomplish thousands of orders per day and have a large facility; you will need high-powered machines. However, it is always best to check your personal preferences. 

As per the requirements of sewing companies to provide fabric samples for catalogues or displays, Grommets Depot offers an efficient portable sample cutting Machine to easily cut many samples into uniform patterns. You can even choose between a straight cut and a notched cut to slice up thick fabric, leather, vinyl, and paper.

Hope now you know how to choose the right swatch and sample cutter machines according to your need and budget.