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    5" High Speed, Straight Knife Fabric Cutting Machine (SIMILAR TO KM)
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    The New-Tech straight knife 5" fabric cutting machine is very similar to a popular model made by KM, but at a significant savings and no loss of quality. Compact and very easy to use, it easily zips through very thick stacks of fabric, most effectively on light- to medium-weight material like woven or knit fabrics.

    The unit provides a powerful 1-inch stroke and, thanks to its 1/3-horsepower motor, a speed of 3400 rpm for fast results. Best of all, its automatic knife-sharpening system ensures the finest cutting quality, and its safety mechanisms keep users protected from harm during the cutting process.

    Other details include a simple on/off switch, comfortable-grip handle, manual lubrication, die-cast housing, and a low-profile ergonomic design. Includes lots of extras listed below.

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    5" Straight Fabric Cutting Machine With 96" Rail
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    5" Straight Fabric Cutting Machine With 96" Rail. Same as our popular 5" straight cutting machine but this one is requited with a 96" rail for cutting straight line as an end cutter for up to 5". now you could easily cut the edges of the fabric to 5' at one in a straight line. Power: 550 w Voltage: 110 v Frequency: 50/60Hz Cutting Height: 5" Rail Length: 96" Rotational Speed: 2800/3400r.p.m Net Weight: 21Kg

  • 6", 8" or 10" High Speed Straight Knife Fabric Cutting Machine (SIMILAR TO EASTMAN)
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    Our industrial fabric cutting machine is perfect for slicing through many layers of difficult materials. It's perfectly capable of cutting through slippery, thin fabrics (ones that traditionally distort or move in the process) to the thickest materials (such as synthetic materials and ropes). Plus, this product has an automatic built-in blade sharpener that keeps your machine as sharp as the day you bought it. Choose between 6", 8" and 10" inch blades.

  • Cloth Drill Electric Hot & Cold SM-201L
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    Cloth Drill Electric Hot & Cold SM-201L

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    Cloth Spreader Manual Expandable
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    Cloth Spreader Manual Expandable 48″ T0 72″

  • Cordless Rechargeable Rotary Fabric Cutter (EC-360, MB-360)
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    For fast and efficient fabric cutting, there is nothing like a handheld cordless rotary cutter. This fabric cutter can cut through fabric, carpeting, foam, PVC, leather, linoleum, rubber, cork, and more (up to about 1/2 inch).

  • Eastman Chickadee Model D2 Rotary Shear
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    The Chickadee™ is the smallest rotary shear available and is the perfect upgrade to, or replacement for, hand held shears. Powered by Eastman's Perma-Field motor, the Chickadee™ has 40% more power than any other hand held knife its size.Cutting capacity is 25% greater than competitive models.Its streamlined, lightweight construction helps eliminate operator fatigue.

    The Eastman Chickadee has the following specifications:

    · 2-1/4 inch round blade

    · 1/2 inch cutting capacity

    · Built-in blade sharpener

    · Ergonomically designed on/off switch, controlled by the grip

    · 1 lb. total weight

  • Electric Rotary Cutter (3") Heavy Duty Multipurpose
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    Our most popular portable electric rotary cutter, this heavy duty 110 volt multipurpose cutter can go through 20 layers of fabric. Blade is octagonal, heavy duty 70mm (approx 2-3/4") designed for all thicknesses of fabric but will go through other materials as well. Built in sharpener to touch up blade.

    Comes complete with an extra blade, grinding wheel, spare couplings, motor brushes, oil felt and grease syringe.

  • Electric Rotary Cutter (4") with Easy Guide for Fabric & More
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    Our 4" electric rotary cutter (NEW-TECH RSD-100) can zip through up to a 1.5 inch stack of fabric, making it an incredibly versatile and powerful machine. Because it sits on small guide wheels beneath the base, it is perhaps our easiest cutting machine to operate without fatigue, especially if you need to cut long straight lines. Just roll it along the floor or a table and in seconds you are finished.

    The combination of the octagonal blade, with carbide tipped and spring loaded lower blade, prevents the fabric from jamming. Best used for light to medium weight fabrics and woven or loosely knit fabric.