New Tech Pneumatic Press for Grommets, Snaps, Buttons & Rivets w/Laser Pointer (1 die set)
New Tech Pneumatic Press for Grommets, Snaps, Buttons & Rivets w/Laser Pointer (1 die set)
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New Tech Pneumatic Press for Grommets, Snaps, Buttons & Rivets w/Laser Pointer (1 die set)

SKU: EA-01-100AP
Weight: 1 lbs
Our Price: $1499.99  
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Our Pneumatic Attaching Machine with Laser Pointer and table for Grommet/Snap/Button/Rivet + One Die Set works for projects on any scale. Operates on a 110-volt unit securely attached to a stand.

Compatible with hundreds of dies* for unlimited applications and uses, including sizes #000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,8,10 & 12, and those for snap buttons, rivets and more.  And because the dies are interchangeable, this machine has countless applications, saving you from the cost of buying several different kinds of press machines.

Please note that the price on the machine is unbeatable and considered a great catch because the machine is capable of applying almost everything, the dies are also interchangeable; it’s absolutely a great investment for all types of business from starters to professionals’ and from moderate to mass production. Additional to the self-piercing, Rolled Rim, Sheet Metal grommets this machine also attaches Spring snaps, Ring snaps, Bebetto snaps, Jean rivets, and Jean buttons of all styles and sizes us carry.

EA-01-100AP is a safe machine as well; has a top-notch safety system – the machines have a safety bar which prevents hands or fingers from getting near the mouth of the machine while its operating, Also includes a free laser pointer, makes your attaching process easier since the laser will point at exactly where the grommet will set. The machine is electrical and works with an air compressor. The machine is delivered dismantled, so once you receive you will also have instructions on how to handle the machine.

The machine requires the use air lubrication oil and the 150 PSI is required for air pressure, each time to set the grommets use 0.4 litters per Single head Cylinder Power applies pressure about 400-450 kg. The machine top and bottom shaft diameters are 12.7MM top and 10MM bottom for our dies accommodations. Through its multi-purpose screen, it is possible to follow up your work: you can view how many eyelets have been set and adjust the descending time of the shaft depending on the used material and accessory


  • Foot pedal for hands-free application
  • Finger guard safety feature
  • Adjustable pressure for fabrics of varying thicknesses
  • Comparable with hundreds of dies for unlimited applications and uses.*
  • Includes storage holders.
  • Measurement guide printed on the stand

Dimensions: 30" height, 16" deep, 32" wide

* We carry dies that fit this machine. Other dies from other manufacturers may also fit in this machine. Top die holder: 10mm (.40"); bottom die holder: 12.70mm (.50")

* This press uses GS-808 Die Sets for Grommets, Snaps, Buttons & Rivets and can also  be purchased individually. 
* This press uses GS-808 Hole Punch Dies and can also be purchased individually.

*Listed price is the base price for most machine/die combo packages, however larger grommet sizes (#4 and up) are more costly. Use the pull-down menu to see price differences.

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