Super Heavy Duty Press for Buttons, Grommets, Rivets and Snaps (1 die set included)

Super Heavy Duty Press for Buttons, Grommets, Rivets and Snaps (1 die set included)

This super heavy duty press is designed for higher-volume attachment of  button covers, grommets, rivets and snaps in a  quicker and easier  manner with less fatigue  compared to our standard duty non-electric press machines.

The press is heavier and 30% larger than other heavy-duty presses.  It has a deeper throat which allows it to set snaps and grommets further from the edge of the fabric.  Its longer padded handle provides more torque and reduces the force needed to press it. 

The self-piercing PM5 super heavy duty tool with an overall height of 18” can be bolted to a workbench or used free standing.  It can use the same die sets as our standard press machine.

The Super Heavy Duty Press is recommended for larger curtain grommets sizes #12, 12L and 15.

The super heavy duty press machine can easily attach all our grommets, snaps, rivets and cover buttons by using the appropriate die set.

Individual die sets

A customer has the option to choose one die set (either for grommets, snaps, buttons or rivets) as part of each press package.  

If the press is to be used for more than one type of attachment, there is a specific die set sold separately for grommets, snaps, rivets and buttons.

Tips in Operating the Super Heavy Duty Press Machine 

There are videos and instruction manual showing how to attach the dies into the press.  Please practice on scrap material after die set up.

The press machine should stand on a firm, flat surface only. You can bolt the machine to the workspace or desk using the base openings.

Use the setting screw to adjust the force of the press.

In attaching dies, take note that the press has a threaded hole at the top and a non-threaded hole at the bottom or base. Screw the threaded die into the top and drop the non-threaded die into the bottom cavity. Do not over tighten the threaded die.

Check the alignment of the dies by holding the handle down so that the top die is directly on top of the bottom die. Both dies should be perfectly aligned with each other.

Regularly lubricate the spring and threads that hold the dies with WD40 or similar type of oil. Don’t forcefully attach or remove dies because they might eventually get stuck.

Problem Troubleshooting

Probable causes of problems are user error, improper settings on the press, wrong material thickness against setting or the wrong sizes of snaps, grommets, buttons or rivets being used. 

The super heavy-duty press is made of heavy-duty cast iron that will last for a very long time.

There is no guarantee that dies bought from other vendors will fit the Goldstar press machines and vice versa.  Carefully look at the sizes of snaps, grommets or rivets purchased from other vendors before ordering this press.