Snap It Up!

Snap It Up!

Snaps are the simplest way of buttoning up. Right up there with other life changing inventions like the toaster or headphones, snaps are one of those everyday items that absolutely make our lives easier. Instead of looking for hard to spot buttonholes and pushing an unsuspecting button into a slightly too small hole, we can simply snap.

When we think about what to wear, we take many things into account. It’s morning time, we stand in front of our open closet blankly staring into that neatly (or not) organized pile of clothes. The reason for the blank stare, as we all know, is the deep calculations going on in our mind. Every item of clothing that comes into sight flares another branch of intricate combination options such as color coding, tight shirt loose pants and so on. In the background of our mind, we also consider the comfort of these items, to make sure that the day ahead won’t be forever remembered as that day when we kept tugging on our blouse (wasn’t that a fun day?).

When considering comfort, we also do some subconscious computations about putting it on, taking it off, leaving it half open, half perhaps even half closed. There’s so much going on in our minds at all times, isn’t there?

Snaps are used when looking to make buttoning and unbuttoning easy and quick. With baby clothes, snaps are a natural choice. When lovingly taking care of our little ones, we need to be able to quickly put on or remove, while we do about six other things at the very same time without compromising our baby’s safety. So when we snap their onesies open, we often just gently pull the fabric in opposite directions, effortlessly clicking it loose. It requires hardly any thought or attention. The great comfort and ease of use that characterizes snaps is one of the main reasons they have spread out to many other items.

Snaps are a great choice when looking to add comfort and flowing style to a piece of clothing. Instead of adding a set of buttons with matching loops on the opposite end, use snaps. You will thank yourself for the wise choice for as long as you’ll use it.

Dress shirts are often considered a less comfortable choice for everyday wear, with one of the reasons being those spaces created between the buttons, showing unnecessary views of the world beneath our clothes. Snaps are able to reduce that space, since there’s less of a height difference. When we close two sides of a snap together, we create a tighter seal, the two sides of fabric are close together.

Also, with snaps it’s very easy to keep the flow of fabric, using your texture to cover the snap. As opposed to buttons, which are visible and often clash with the color or texture. Many of those beloved clothing options we stare at every morning are rejected in our mind due to their buttons, buttonholes and that unsightly gap between them. Imagine how your view of that shirt would change if you replaced the buttons with Snaps. Better, right?

Making that swap is as easy as pie!

Choose your preferred type of snaps from our wide variety. Snap types vary in several aspects, including looks, visibility and level of effort needed to open or close. For example, with baby clothes, we know we might want the onesie to keep closed while the baby moves around, but we want to open it effortlessly, so an Enamel Prong Ring Snap With Button Cover could be a great choice. These snaps also come in a fun variety of button cover colors so they can easily match colorful clothes to create a light and happy feel.

However, we sometimes look for snaps that are easier to open, for clothing items which we don’t mind keeping loosely unbuttoned, like a jacket. Well, here’s a wonderful option for fastening those half open items; The Invisible Round Magnetic Snaps are absolute magic! You sew or glue them onto the fabric on both opposite sides and get a seamless connection with a luxurious look. That’s comfort on the go.

We grew up using the Double Cap Ring Snaps, which are perfect for items which require firm fastening, like leather jackets. Double Cap Ring Snaps are exactly the same as the regular ring snaps except there are TWO finished button cap covers, with the inner button cover a bit smaller than the outer one. These are also great for reversibles or when you want a nice finished look on both sides. 

Snaps are a great addition for all textile items that requires fastening. One fun example is kitchen towels - what if you could snap your towels to a wall mount, instead of hanging them on a hook just to watch them drop to the floor? Use any kind of snap from our variety to add this bit of magic to your kitchen. Just attach one side of the snap to your kitchen towel and the other to a rack or shelf you have hanging in your kitchen.

This creative solutions can also work wonders for a bathroom, as well, possibly in a house with teenagers who think the floor is a great place to keep their towel. Snaps for the bathroom will help you keep it tidy, since everyone will enjoy snapping the towels to the mount of your choice, making it fun and exciting.