Understanding Uses for Eyelets & Grommets in our Daily Lives

Understanding Uses for Eyelets & Grommets in our Daily Lives

Let’s consider the various circumstances that you can use eyelets and grommets for your product development in apparel, interior, and outdoor textiles. Eyelets and grommets can be used for several fabric types including light weight to heavy weight materials, it just takes an understanding to find their optimal uses. Eyelets are smaller than grommets.

Delicate & Decorative

Let’s consider the delicate, sparkly tulle delicate fabric below. It can be used for decorative apparel to develop creative capes, dresses, or skirts. We have ¼” rhinestone decorated eyelets that can give your product a unique look! For small projects, the eyelets can be easily applied with a hammer or anvil setter. We also have hole-cutting tools that can help you position the eyelet perfectly for a clean finish. A small ribbon can be placed throughout each eyelet to make your decorative apparel easy to adjust. There are immense opportunities for creativity!

Durable & Daily Wear

You can also use eyelets for shoe laces. These are extremely important to make shoes with shoelaces functional and long-lasting! The eyelet helps protect the fabric from fraying. We have two-piece ¼” eyelets that come in a variety of colors to meet your needs. You can order eyelets in sets of 100, or 1000 with a 50% discount for the larger order. Eyelets really help improve quality of footwear!

Decorative Drapery

Grommets can be used for interior curtains or drapery. The grommets can help protect your fabric from fraying and can help hold up fabric of any weight on your horizontal rod. We offer curtain grommets in several sizes and colors including gold, silver, and copper among others. You can also choose more decorative grommet options including flower shapes and squares. The flower shapes come in the marbled color below, as well as silver and gold. The flower shaped grommets can easily snap into our grommet tape to give an even, finished look for easy application.

Durable & Decking

Last but not least, grommets can be used for industrial, outdoor purposes. From tents to tarps to sails and banners, grommets can be used to ensure that your fabric is secure. We have grommets in medium to large sizes, these range from sizes 8 to 12L. We have them in gold and silver tones. Since outdoor materials are typically harder fabric materials, we recommend using our heavy-duty press machine and die that also works well for larger scale production.

To Conclude

These are just a few examples of the potential uses for eyelets and grommets. Even though they may be small compared to the larger items they are supporting, eyelets and grommets provide a foundation to make the products functional for our everyday use. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our selection of eyelets, grommets, or tools to attach them to fabric!