Creating Clean Cuts to Support your Creativity

Creating Clean Cuts to Support your Creativity

Are you thinking about materials that might be a good match for a new product line? Whether you’re choosing natural or synthetic materials, we’ve got swatch cutters, hot knives, and foam cutters to meet your organizational needs! These can help speed up your production process and save you several hours that it can take to hand-cut each sample. Save yourself the time and increase your efficiency by considering our many products that can create clean cuts to support your creativity!

Cutting into your Creative Possibilities

If you’re thinking about a variety of material possibilities, take time to source a small amount of fabric and create a material swatch book or library. This can be a helpful visual tool to inform you design process. Your fabrics may vary in texture, color, and design, which can maximize the creative options for material sourcing. 


Whether you’re looking to create a swatchbook for yourself, or a larger design team, you can develop a set of material swatches swiftly. This can be a long-lasting reference for your design process, or for your design team. Using tools designed to create material swatches can also add a strong level of professionalism to your work for critiques and presentations.

As you’re organizing your fabrics, the swatch cutter is a perfect tool to help you in your organizational-creative process. Our swatch cutters can cut standard sizes of fabrics ranging from 12” to 16.” You can use it for cotton, linen, lace, canvas and even leather! If you’re looking to stack fabrics to maximize cutting efficiency, you can stack several layers up to ¾” high. You can choose between a straight blade, or well-known pinked edge that creates a zig-zag edge and is commonly used for swatches. We have options for light-weight to medium materials, as well as heavy-weight materials.

If you’re looking to cut synthetic materials and want a clean edge, the New-Tech 8” Hot Knife Cutter can be a helpful tool. It can help you cut polyester, nylon, acrylic, rope, webbing, and foam. The hot knife edge will seal your fabric to keep it from unraveling. The New-Tech Knife Cutter is a hand-operated tool that heats up after the trigger is pulled after 4 to 6 seconds. We recommend using a cutting foot for greater precision and an insulated cutting surface such as Formica. 

To cut foam, our Hot Wire Styrofoam Foam Cutting Machine can meet your needs for industrial cutting. As the name suggests, it can be used for Sytrofoam, and also Expanded Polystyrene foam. These materials may be used for packaging, walls, foundation, or roofing. The wire temperature is adjustable based on the density and material that is being cut. We recommend using work gloves when using this machine based on the high heat. We also suggest using the machine in a properly ventilated environment since the foam and heat applied can induce a smell.

Additional Cutting-Edge Ideas

If you are seeking a clean cut for miscellaneous fashion items such as plastic zippers, elastic bands, string, or belt loops, you can use one of our automated hot or cold knives. Many of these hot and cold knives are computerized and can cut 90 pieces per minute. This certainly maximizes efficiency and productivity!

Looking to mark your fabric pattern pieces before sewing? A fabric drill marker may be the solution. We carry industrial fabric drill markers that are hot and cold. This can be useful for marking button holes, darts, and pockets among many other things. The fabric drill markers can cut into several layers of fabric to save time in your cutting and marking production processes.

Optimizing Organization in your Production Process

The variety of tools available to help you be organized and efficient in your production process is remarkable. It’s just up to you to identify the right items that can meet your needs with natural or synthetic materials. Take a close look at our selection of items that we have highlighted including swatch cutters, hot knives, foam cutters, as well as fabric drill markers. These are a few products that can help you save time in your production process, while making your items appear as professional as possible.

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